Spaces by htkay
April 5, 2009, 1:54 am
Filed under: Architecture, City Studies, People, Tokyo, Travel

We have only been through tokyo by coach and metro and have yet to delve  into the extreme density that we have only been able to see from the edge; catching the occasional glimpse past the surface of tightly packed apartment blocks, that continue into the distance, the concrete occasionally punctured by a rising skyscraper, a rebel in its material and shape.

These spaces between are intriguing as they look barely wide enough for a car to squeeze down, and grow dark compared to the glaring white of the facades on either side, and yet it seems these are the spaces that the floods of people in the main streets heading for the metro or train seem to appear from; like tributaries, but fixed to their grid and unable to erode away the square corners of Tokyo.


The edge is only penetrated by the smallest of cracks, click to enlarge

The reason for so much conformity is due to the rebuilding of Tokyo on a huge scale twice in the last century. First in 1923 after the Great Kanto Earthquake and second after the bombings in the second world war. Both times the prefab, concrete slab construction led to the styles as a necessity from the need for high density living spaces quickly.




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